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Weddings - the blessing of the white doves

white doves released at Lambeth wedding white doves released at the Knole, Kent No other bird has had such close links with man, nor been as useful to him in many ways
A custom whose origins are lost in the mists of time, known to the Greeks in pre-biblical times and to the Mandarins of the Ming Dynasty, who regularly sent their trading caravans to the temples and monasteries of Tibet, where doves are still revered today.

Their presence has symbolised the qualities of love, innocence, peace and purity since time immemorial.

According to custom, two white doves are released together into the sky after the wedding ceremony to represent the newly married couple. Closely afterwards, a further flock of doves is released from a decorated pannier by the cutting of a ribbon, to represent the families of the bride and groom.
Tradition says that these doves will rise into the sky to join the pair of doves. When the doves are united together they will bring a blessing on to the couple of much happiness and many friends.
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