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Messengers of love

Are you unable to visit the grave or memorial site of a loved one? Does your heart sink when that special date approaches, and you can't get there to remember them as you would like to?
Allow White Flight to visit the site on your behalf.

We offer a range of dignified packages for clients who wish to remember their loved ones, any day of the year.

We will visit the site, place flowers - and tidy up the grave if necessary - read out a message from you, or a choice of verses, and release a pure white dove to commemorate their life.

To enable you to share this moment, we will photograph the dove's release, and put the photograph on a special page of our website.

To find out more, or discuss details of our service, contact us by phone or email using the details on the left.

Warren Foster
4 Valley View, Greenhithe, Kent DA9 9LU
Tel/fax: 01322 385541 Mobile: 0789 9096845